Our Philosophy

Legacy House of Spanish Fork and its associates are committed to superior, personalized customer service in an environment that is inviting, caring and hospitable. Our core values are: Thrift, Continuous Improvement and Personalization.

Our associates strive to do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reason. While thrift is an important value, doing the right thing for our residents, resident families and associates is of utmost importance.

Continuous improvement is another key component of our culture and a core value of our community. We constantly look for better ways to serve our customers. Our residents, resident families and associates are regularly surveyed so that we may determine their needs and listen to suggestions.

Essential to achieving our mission is creating a Personal Touch Culture where associates are committed to listen with interest to our residents and their families, identify their individual preferences, and then deliver services that exceed their expectations. Our goal is to reach out and make a personal connection with those we serve. We call that connection, Personal Touch.

We strive to make a Personal Touch Connection every day.

“Last night, Jesse, my CNA for the night, helped me wash my puppy, Scout. He helped me give Scout a bath at 2:45 in the morning on a Sunday. Jesse is always nice to me and gives me my medications right on time. He is very professional. Legacy House of Spanish Fork is lucky to have such a genuine, kind, polite worker. The most important thing to me was that you allowed residents to have a pet. It makes me happy that I am allowed to have Scout, my little puppy, living here with me. My dog means so much to me and Jesse was very kind and gentle with Scout. I feel safe and secure at Legacy House of Spanish Fork and want to live here for years to come.” — Jason Reeder, Resident


"On the first weekend that we opened, Connley, a Certified Nurse Aide, noticed that Beverlee, a new resident, liked chocolate. He came in on his day off, and brought his favorite chocolate to share with Beverlee. On another occasion, he brought in his guitar and played some of Beverlee's favorite tunes. Connley's actions touched Beverlee and have really helped her feel welcome in her new home, Legacy House of Spanish Fork." — Drew Hansen, Asst. Administrator